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How you can help out

If you’ve not already done so, watch the video on the home page here. When you’ve watched it, use your browsers back button and return to this page.

Now using the menu at the top of the page “Menu > Start here >” or use the links below, start reading the allegations, police legal argument, and the rebuttal of that argument.

The Treason Allegations
How to report Treason to the Police
Example letters of police legal arguments [multiple pages]
Rebuttal of the police argument (Regina v. Commissioner of Police ex parte Blackburn 1968)

Once you’ve reported the crime let us know what response you get and we can advise from there.
Please – do not try and get clever with the police, don’t get into arguments, don’t use any other methods of reporting without checking them out with us first. If you do then you do so on your own and we take no responsibility in the outcome.

It would be best to join our email group here.

If you have any questions please contact us here.

The rest of the site is filled with more details on the allegations, the history, and who’s responsible. Please take time and read it as it greatly affects every part of your life.