Letter to Theresa May

Albert has sent the following letter to Theresa May and asks that everyone else also writes to her in similar fashion, please.


Mrs May
10 Downing Street
12th July 2016

Ref Sharia Law

Dear Mrs May,

You are on record as having promoted the benefits of Sharia law. Given that you have for years solemnly undertaken an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen, thus to the nation, its people, their English law and the Christian Church, what parts of female genital mutilation, under age marriage and consummating rape of a minor, cutting off the hands of thieves, the beating of rape victims who dare to complain of being raped and the stoning to death for adultery, do you not understand ? There are also the incidental matters of multiple wives, temporary wives and of course, sex slaves all of which come under the heading of Sharia Law.

As you have served as home secretary, you can be expected to have some knowledge of English law. From my observations as someone who has a fair degree of legal knowledge in criminal, common and constitutional law, it is very clear to me that your knowledge of English law is so slight as to be virtually none existent.

Every single benefit of Sharia law outlined above contravenes English criminal law. FGM is aggravated sexual assault occasioning grievous bodily harm as is under age marriage thus rape of a girl under 13, not counting the indecent assault leading up to that rape, cutting off hands of thieves is aggravated assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, the beating of rape victims is also aggravated assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, stoning to death is murder and the idea of multiple wives is bigamy. Having temporary wives is importuning and using sex slaves is of course slavery or importuning for indecent acts. We might just as well go the whole hog and call it rape.


You have presided over a police force which has totally lost the plot in its efforts to appease Government. They have condoned, if not actually assisted in, the gang rapes and prostitution of thousands of our young girls by Muslim men who practice Sharia law.

Now for your education. The only law allowed in this Kingdom is the Queen’s Law. The only courts allowed in this Kingdom are the Queen’s Courts. Anything else is treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act.

You are already guilty of treason for exclaiming that when you use the Prerogative, you are the Queen. So let me continue your education. The Prerogative was given to the Kings of England to be used by them and them alone. It is illegal to lend or gift it to anyone else. By attempting to use the Prerogative, you commit treason.

To further continue your education, the 1689 Bill of Rights (which incorporates the Declaration of Rights) merely restated those things which English Kings have never been able to do. It in no way transferred the Royal Authority to the House of Commons. On the 8th March 1784 a vote was taken in parliament which stated that ultimate authority lay not with the Commons but with the lawfully anointed King. The use of the Prerogative by ministers constitutes treason against Her Majesty. The automatic assent is illegal and also constitutes treason against Her Majesty.

Well over 17 million of Her Majesty’s subjects expressed their extreme dissatisfaction with Parliament and the policy’s they espouse. Vastly more than that even, they love our Queen, Queen Elizabeth II. You might feel proud to have become the new Prime Minister, a roll you have no public mandate to hold. But beware, you hold a poisoned chalice. If you do not take us out of the EU immediately in accordance with the people’s referendum vote, if you continue to pay more of our hard earned money to the EU when you have no mandate to, if you allow in our country more mosques and Muslim immigrants who present a very clear and immediate danger to our own people, if you do not prosecute and deport radical Islamists and drastically reduce their immigrant numbers here, the people will turn on you in a manner you obviously have not contemplated. You will find yourself at the mercy of the more than 17 million people who will, as Lord Lamont indicated in the House of Lords, rebel.

The last woman hanged in this country was Ruth Ellis. She didn’t betray her country, she merely gunned down her lover. Parliament Square and the surrounding streets have more than enough lamp posts upon which to hoist all of our politicians. I have no doubt a disgruntled English public will find a post for each member of the cabinet. History shows that we kill bad Kings and replace them with good ones. I need not remind you that you have in recent history claimed to be Queen. So it will not be Her Majesty who goes on trial before the public but in time honoured tradition, Her Majesty’s wicked and evil councillors of whom you have just become the chief.

When the law is set to suppress the people, when Government use the police to enforce oppressive laws, when the law and its officers no longer protect the people, the people reserve the right to reinstate the rule of law by force – and then hand this Kingdom back to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Respectfully submitted for your consideration.

### end of letter ###



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