Inglorious Revolution

Inglorious RevolutionThe Inglorious Revolution
was written by Gerard Batten and Pavel Stroilov and is of great constitutional importance. The book covers a number of court cases in which judgements were given using constitutional law.

The book acknowledges the tireless work of Albert Burgess and his two websites, and this website. The ECG are attempting to achieve the same result by bringing treason allegations of past and present members of Government to the attention of the law enforcement agencies.

In his review of the book, Lord Stoddart of Swindon wrote:
“ Gerald Batten and Pavel Stropilov have disposed of the idea that Britain does not have a written constitution by pointing out that, although there is no single document entitled ‘The British Constitution’, it is, nevertheless, set down in many forms including the Magna Carta, the Bill of Right, in statute and the common law. They also point out that the British Constitution was not imposed from above but grew from below and evolved to suit prevalent conditions, to build the rule of law and protect the subjects from the abuse of his rights by an overbearing state. They also draw attention to the fact that the constitution protects sovereignty, which is inviolable by monarchs or transient parliaments. They also warn how the European Union through its treaties, policies, processes and institutions is inimical to the good government of Britain. ‘Inglorious Revolution’ contains a great deal of interesting historical and contemporary fact and is well worth reading both for its analysis and as a convenient reference source.”