How to report Treason to the Police

It will be necessary to print off and either send or deliver two sets of treason allegations to your local County Police Force. These allegations can be downloaded from these two links:

The first download is for a document that contains treason allegations against Cameron, Clegg and Blair for their part in changing the Constitutional arrangements of the House of Lords. You can also view it online here. [or open in new window]

The second download is for a document that contains treason allegations against Major, Maude and Hurd for their part in the negotiation and signing of the Maastricht treaty. Below is a sample letter that you can send with the allegations. You can also view it online here. [or open in new window]

Remember to include you name and address on any correspondence you send, include a cover letter if you can’t add to, or edit the downloads.

If you receive a reply from the police then scan it and send it by email to us who will advise you on how to reply. A ready-made reply has been prepared which covers all known police arguments against accepting the allegations and can be downloaded Here.

sample letter →

Dear Chief Constable,
Please find enclosed two sets of treason allegations against past and present Government Ministers. Since these require detailed knowledge of Constitutional and Common Law it may be more efficient to pass them to your legal advisers who should confirm the legality of our allegations. Please will you issue me with a Crime Related Incident number for these allegations and initiate an investigation.


Your name



I don't know if I will get a reply to this but it is worth a shot. I was wondering about high treason and if what our uk govt has done could come under treason. What blair did with the USA regarding Iraq/iran basically the whole middle east thing has put the UK in jeopardy. Watching and reading on the net regarding the migrant invasion, the increase of violence, rapes and general disrespect for our laws and culture is of a great concern to me. I believe that what the govt has intentionally done and is doing could be considered as treason

what do you think? If so how would one go about charging the past and present govt on these charges??

Apologies if you have written something on the page that covers this, but for some odd reason your page is corrupted



Do you have an updated letter for treason due to the Nov 1st negotiations?