Example letters of police legal arguments

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Cambridgeshire Police


The Cambridgeshire Police have advanced the argument that because the Queen gave the Royal Assent there can be no crime. According to recently released government figures Her Majesty, since coming to the Throne of England, has only been consulted 39 times on bills passed by parliament and then only when the bill actively concerned her or Prince Charles.

Derbyshire Police


The Derbyshire Police in showing the same lack of Constitutional Law consider the allegations as ‘fanciful’ and that no crime had been committed. They disregarded the evidence put before them and merely passed the buck back to the Queen. In order that a police force can investigate these allegations it is essential for them to understand three things.

  1. The English Constitution.
  2. How the actions of the Government contravene the constitution.
  3. That the Government cannot override the constitutional arrangements put in place by our forefathers which protect us from despotic Government.


Devon & Cornwall

From: #######@devonandcornwall.pnn.police
Date: Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 10:56 AM
Subject: Report of Treason to Devon and Cornwall Police NOT PROTECTIVELY MARKED
To: ######@gmail.com
Dear Mr Cann,

I write in response to your email dated 1st September 2012 to Sgt Mark Hoar of this Force with whom you have corresponded in the past.

My role in the Force is to ensure that we correctly record reports of crimes in line with the Home Office Counting Rules for Recorded Crime and the National Crime Recording Standard.

When any report of criminal activity is reported we must either record it as a crime or a crime related incident. One of the reasons for recording a crime related incident and not a crime is where the alleged crime has been committed outside of the jurisdiction of this force. The crime you are reporting is alleged to have occurred in London and so outside of the jurisdiction of this force. I have therefore had your report recorded as a crime related incident, reference number DCP-20120904-0473. Any crime would be recorded by the Metropolitan police Service and so ordinarily I would report your allegation to them for them to record the crime and I would pass their crime number on to you.

The activities you report as a crime however have been reported to various police forces by different people in the past. A report of a crime by several people will only result in the recording of one crime record. All allegations of Treason by politicians in the circumstances you describe are collated on behalf of the National Crime Registrar in the Home Office, I have added your details to the list of similar reports.

In July 2010 the allegations that Edward Heath, members of his Government and various MPs since then had committed Treason and other offences in relation to their parliamentary duties was examined by Mark Topping, Crown Advocate at the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Headquarters. Mr Topping concluded that:

The specific allegation […] is against Sir Edward Heath and members of his government to commit treason by causing the UK to join the European Economic Community. The documents submitted contain other allegations which have been set out above. The complaints which allege treason or sedition appear to be based on an inaccurate understanding of the law. Parliament passed the European Communities Act 1972 after a significant period of public debate and intense public scrutiny. A significant body of opinion was against the passing of the Act, but it was validly enacted by Parliament and it received Royal assent. There is insufficient information in the documents provided to suggest that there is a prima facie case which could be investigated or prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act, the Theft Acts or at common law.

This shows that none of the alleged offences are made out in law and so do not need to be recorded as crimes. If you are require further information or fuller details about this decision I can only suggest you look to the CPS website www.cps.gov.uk or contact their Headquarters on 020 3357 0000.

It has been decided that subsequent allegations of similar crimes by other politicians are based on the same information as in this case and so will not be recorded or investigated separately.

I hope that you will understand that the circumstances of the crimes you allege have already been examined by the CPS and they have decided there is no case to answer.

Tony Cook
Force Crime and Incident Registrar
Devon and Cornwall Constabulary

The Devon and Cornwall Police although having given our allegations a crime related incident number did not pass the allegations on to the MET but passed them to the Home Office instead. They too take the erroneous view that because Parliament passed the 1972 European Communities Act then it must be OK. Wrong! Parliament does not have the authority to override Constitutional Law. See the above answers.

Gloucestershire Police

On 29/08/2012 10:22, Contact Centre wrote:
Dear Mr Lewis, Unfortunately the Chief Constable can not deal with this matter. If you have any complaints regarding Members of Parliament you will need to direct your complaint elsewhere. Your local MP would be able to advise.

Suzanne (4786)
Contact Ctr
Gloucestershire Constabulary

The Gloucester Police thought that treason was a matter for the local MP. This was nothing more than telling us to go away and stop bothering them! This again demonstrates utter ignorance of Constitutional Law. See the above answers.