Enemies of the Queen


Dr. KittyLittle PhD. BSc. MA.

The following article was written by Dr. Kitty Little sadly no longer with us. She was a Christian, a great patriot and meticulous researcher. This article, published in 1982, exposes the British connection with those behind the One World Organization and names the politicians who helped to bring this evil organization into existence. You will be shocked by the fact that party political differences were basically a scam to misdirect the public away from their nefarious agenda.

At the present time the main enemy is an organization set up in the middle of the last century that seeks to establish a world-wide Marxist-Leninist dictatorship with Christianity and the nations of the world abolished. This One World organization has a variety of ramifications, the most widely known of which has been the Communist Party. Some of the main objectives of the One World organization, as of its subsidiary the Communist Party, were set out in the Communist Manifesto, a document written by Karl Marx and published in 1850.
This advocated:

  • The abolition of private property.
  • The abolition of the family (described as the ‘exploitation of children by their parents‘).
  • The abolition of countries and nationalities.
  • The abolition of religious liberty mid freedom of conscience, together with ‘all religion, all morality‘

In short, the communists everywhere, support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things. Another early wing of the One World organization was an economic network, involving some of the main international bankers. Around 1860 a leading French banker wrote of their economic plans: ‘Landed proprietors can be harmful to us since as such they are self-sufficient ft is essential therefore for us at whatever cost to deprive them of their land. ‘This object shall be best attained by increasing the burdens upon landed property in loading lands with debts.’

‘At the same time we must intensively patronise trade and industry, but first and foremost, speculation, whose part is to provide a counterpoise to industry: (he absence of speculative industry would multiply capital in private hands and would serve to restore agriculture by freeing the land from indebtedness to the land banks. We want industry to drain off from the land both labour and capital and by means of speculation transfer into our hands all the money of the world.’

‘Economic crises can be produced by us merely by the withdrawal of money from circulation. Huge capitals will stagnate, with money withdrawn from the states, these are constantly obliged to apply to those same stagnant capitals for loans. These loans burden the finances of the State with the payment of interest and make them the bond slaves of the bankers, The concentration of industry into the hands of capitalists and out of the hands of small masters will drain away all the juices of the peoples and with them also that of the states….’

These two wings of the One World organization were in a position lo launch one of their ‘divide and rule’ offensives. This made use of the bluff that ‘Labour and Capital’ were opposed, whereas in reality they are two sides of the same coin, both together being opposed to private enterprise. The target of the leaders of this One World organization was the whole world. But Russia was their immediate objective. This and other nations of the USSR were defeated in 1917 to 1918. The attack was organized from outside Russia and was paid for by a group of international bankers. The main part of their terrorist campaign was carried out by criminals with Jewish officers. The intention of the bankers who planned the coup was that the USSR should become the Communist military base for their attack on the rest of the world.

The problem was recognised in reports published by the Foreign Office in their White Paper of April 1919. For example, after the sacking of the British Embassy, British interests in Russia were represented by the Netherlands minister at Petrograd. A portion of his report of 17th September 1918 reads (page 6):-‘The foregoing report will indicate the extremely critical nature of the present situation. The danger is now so great that I feel it my duty to call the attention of the British and all other Governments to the fact that if an end is not put to Bolshevism in Russia at once the civilisation of the whole world wilt he threatened. This is not an exaggeration, but a sober matter of fac… I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue mm before the world… it is organised and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy far their own ends the existing order of things…’

On page 56 in this same White Paper the Bolshevik tenets were summarised as:

  • ‘Radically to destroy all idem of patriotism and nationality by preaching the doctrine of internationalism.’
  • ‘To obstruct by every means the creation of military power by preaching the ideas of peace, and to foster the abolition of military discipline.’
  • ‘To keep the masses under the hypnosis of false Socialistic literature.’

From the White Paper and from the reports of The Times correspondent, Robert Wilson, we learn that of the 600 senior Bolshevik officials installed after the ‘Revolution,’ 17 were Russian, 2 Georgians, 2 Ukrainians, and nearly all the others were Jews installed by the international bankers.

A third facet of the One World organization was the Zionist Movement, launched about twenty years after the International Working Men’s Movement. These Zionists are a pressure group, albeit a powerful one and do not represent the Jewish people as a whole, no more than one could say that all English people are followers of CND. In order to coerce more Jews to join them the Zionists have assiduously promoted the concept of anti-Semitism, (Jews and Israelis have assisted in the training of Arab terrorists). The role of the Zionists in the establishment of the One World dictatorship would seem to be to act as a Soviet ‘Trojan Horse,’ and so de-stabilise the Middle East; to confuse the defences of the still free nations by the propagation of the fallacy that since the ‘Soviets’ and Israelis are enemies, anyone who opposes any Israeli – or Zionist action is therefore a ‘Soviet’ agent; under cover of that to assist any revolutionary, terrorist or pressure group seeking to de-stabilise the governments of the still free nations; and by ensuring that the Jews retain their racial identity to provide the bureaucrats tor the intended One World dictatorship, when the time comes that enforced interbreeding of genetically incompatible races will have lowered the capabilities of the rest of mankind.

Equally important as the USSR is to the Communist cause, the United Nations Organization, formed in the first place to implement the intermediate goals of Communism, as spelt out by Stalin in 1942: Confuse, disorganise and destroy free enterprise in industry and hade around the world. Bring all nations together into a single world system of economy. (‘Advice’ from the bankers has assisted in the formation of powerful multinationals that are helped and promoted by the World Bank, I.M.F. and the Trilateral Commission). Force the advanced countries to pour prolonged financial aid into (lie under-developed countries, so destroying the economies built up during the ‘Colonial’ era.

Introduce ‘divide and rule’ tactics between the races of the world, and in particular between the coloured and white races, in the same way that the early communists sought to divide the skilled and unskilled workers in European countries. Divide the world into regional groups as a transitional stage to total world government.

The United Nations Organization was formed with these objectives in mind, and to become the basis of the planned One World bureaucratic structure. Its Charter and structure were formulated by the then Soviet Foreign Minister and Soviet agents in the West. They arranged the conditions of employment of the United Nations Secretariat, the members of the ‘World’ civil service. Communists were acceptable, but anyone ‘connected with Fascism’ was not. ‘Fascism’ has been interpreted to mean anyone opposed to a world Marxist dictatorship, the One World Government.

When the United Nations was established in 1945 it was agreed that the position of Under-Secretary for Political and Security Council Affairs should always be a Communist, nominated by the USSR, The responsibilities of this official are:

  • Control of all military and police functions of the United Nations Peace-Keeping Forces.
  • Supervision of all disarmament moves on the part of member nations.
  • Control of all atomic energy ultimately entrusted to the United Nations for peaceful and other purposes.

In practice he has also been responsible for the wide range of pressure groups and terrorist groups that have been sponsored by the United Nations or one of its Committees or Sub-Committees.

From this it follows that the definition of enemy – those seeking to deprive the Queen of her realms, to destroy the Christian faith in those realms, to deplete and overcome the defences of the nation and usurp the powers of government so that the people of the country, the subjects of the Queen, are forced to obey the will of alien rulers – should in reality include not only the USSR that was set up as the military base of the One World organization but also Marxism and Communism in all their forms.


I learnt some of the plans of the deliberate One World agents at a meeting in Harold Wilson’s room in University College, Oxford, in October 1940. He explained the organization of the subversive groups in this country, with the biological, economic and political sections as the most important, and with overt left wing organizations such as the Communist Party to divert attention from the three vital sections. He said that the overall head of the subversive organization was the head of die biological section, while he himself was the head of the political section of the subversive organization. Members of his section were to infiltrate the political Parties, A larger proportion were to infiltrate the Labour Party, most of them posing as ‘moderates’ on the right of the Party, but a substantial number were to infiltrate the Conservative Party, these posing as ‘moderates’ on the left of the Party. He explained that they were to pose as ‘moderates’ because the British people tended to distrust ‘extremists.’ At a later stage everyone who is patriotic was to be described as a ‘right wing extremist.’

The stage has now been reached when the nation and its people will be destroyed unless these dangerous subversives are removed from the positions where they are doing so much harm, A variation on this type of camouflage has recently been expressed by one of their friends as ‘The English do not like unsatisfactory public men to he called evil, even when they know them to he so. The English won’t take it. They do not like going beyond an allegation of stupidity or inefficiency,’ This propaganda has been launched because they know that unless these people are properly exposed they will remain free to cause political mischief and carry on with their subversive activities. With public exposure they would be rendered almost harmless.

At the meeting in 1940, Wilson outlined some of their intended activities: to reorganise the laws of the country, with increasing restrictions on personal freedom, so as to pave the way for a Marxist dictatorship; to get rid of the House of Lords and its hereditary principle; to eliminate our defences – and here he several times coupled the concept of eliminating British and Indian defences; to hand over Aden, Malta, Gibraltar and other bases; to destroy all things traditional. He said that the Head of the organization had emphasised that it would be necessary for them to eradicate all things traditional, Southern Africa was to be destroyed, but even at that stage, in October 1940, he said that the single most important thing they had to do was to ensure the total destruction and eradication of Rhodesia, Members of his group who infiltrated the Conservative Party were to be primarily responsible for the ‘economic smokescreen ‘ now known as the European Economic Community, that was to conceal the final stages of the transition of the government of this country to a Marxist dictatorship.

He said that when the time came for the conversion to an absolute dictatorship if Labour had not got a sufficiently adequate majority, then the members of his section who had infiltrated the Labour and Conservative Parties were to split those two Parties and join together to form a Centre Party (now known as the Social Democrat Party). The election at which that Centre Party was given power would be Britain’s last free election ever.

Wilson emphasised that infiltration should be at the top and from the top. It is frequently argued that what had happened during the last 40 years has been the result of foolishness or incompetence on the part of the people who have helped to bring it about. But the fact that events have so closely followed the stated intentions of Communist and One World agents, statements made so many years ago, renders that argument untenable, There are, however other individuals who are not members of any subversive organization but who, as a result of blackmail, bribery, greed, fear or adherence to a false ideology, have in practice worked for the same ends – the abolition of the Monarchy, the eradication of Christianity and Christian morals, the destruction of the nation, and its submergence as a fragmented component of the intended Marxist One World dictatorship. They equally with the subversives have in many instances broken their Privy Council Oath, the oath they made on entering the House of Commons, and similar undertakings.

We can consider a few of the ways in which these people have assisted our enemies. These include direct assistance to the Soviet Military effort, in building up their strategic industries, and in their military advance in Africa; the destruction of the British Commonwealth as a preliminary to implementing the One World regional policy; and steps taken towards setting up a totally integrated Federal Europe and a One World Government. These all involve depriving the Queen of her territories and in due course the elimination of the Monarchy. Within the United Kingdom, steps have been taken to replace British law with laws imposed by aliens; to disarm the nation; to dismember the country so that individual artificially defined regions can become units in the planned Federal Europe; to cause a breakdown of law and order; and to eradicate the British people.


The USSR was set up as the military wing of the One World organization. To be an effective military power there must be adequate backing from strategic industries and a high level of technical knowledge. Much of this, together with assistance in vital areas of industry, has been provided by the United Kingdom. Turbines for a pipeline are the latest example, (The purpose of this pipeline is as a part of the arrangement to make Western European countries independent of imported fuel if there is a prolonged blockade in the Eastern Atlantic area during a selective attack on the United Kingdom, France and Germany would then be encouraged to remain neutral). Agreements that have been implemented that have been particularly helpful to the USSR have been those signed by Anthony Wedgwood Benn and Fred Mulley in 1968 (Cmnd 3710), Peter Shore, Goronwy Roberts in 1974 (Cmnd 5659), and Harold Wilson in February 1975 (Cmnd 5924) on a visit to Moscow where he was accompanied by James Callaghan. In this agreement Wilson undertook that the United Kingdom would have regular meetings with Soviet officials at ‘all appropriate levels’ to harmonise their policies. In paragraph 29 ‘They emphasised their determination to ensure that favourable changes in the international situation became irreversible and the Detente is extended to all areas of the world,’ In such a context the word ‘detente’ means the series of changes needed to establish the One World dictatorship. They were to attempt to formulate compatible policies, particularly ‘in the event of a situation arising which, in the opinion of the two sides, endangers peace, involves a breach of the peace, or causes international tension.’


In Africa, British policy has been to give the Soviets all possible help in their intended military takeover, although this has never been formally acknowledged to Parliament or people. The attitude has been the same as that expressed in the document ‘Design for Europe’ published in 1947. In discussing the obstacles to the establishment of full European union, the intended Federal Europe, it says: ‘Moreover – and it is as well to state this bluntly at the outset – no government dependent upon a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifice which any adequate plan must involve. The people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences.’

A start was made after Harold MacMillan’s visit to Moscow in 1959 by giving African territories ‘independence,’ providing them with Soviet-type constitutions, and handing over their governments to individuals chosen from the African criminal fraternity who it was thought could be relied upon to operate as Marxist dictators. Elected African representatives or tribal leaders were passed over. Wilson’s 1975 undertaking was confirmed by David Owen in 1977, when on a visit to Moscow he said that ‘Britain’s interests are exactly the same as the Soviet Union’s’ over Southern African affairs.

The visit by Wilson and Callaghan to Moscow in 1975 was soon followed by an Agreement with Cuba (Cmnd 6327,1975), signed by James Callaghan, that gave them the financial and technical assistance they needed for their invasion of Angola and other Southern African countries. Judith Hart followed this up by giving massive aid to African countries harbouring Cuban, Soviet, East German and terrorist forces.

As specified by Wilson in 1940 Rhodesia has been a special case, and the target for extreme vindictiveness, as well as total dishonesty on the part of enemy agents in this country. Richard Grossman records that in the 1960’s Wilson employed psychological warfare experts to propagate the false statement that Rhodesia was ‘in rebellion against the Crown’ when that statement was the reverse of the truth. Prominent among those obeying the enemy orders to destroy Rhodesia have been Harold Wilson, James Callaghan, David Owen, Lord Carrington, Lord Soames, and Sir Anthony Duff. These last three conspired with the terrorist Mugabe to have him elected as Prime Minister in a blatantly rigged election.


The granting of ‘independence,’ almost always against the expressed, wishes of the peoples concerned, and with political power handed over to Marxists, has been one method of destroying the Commonwealth. Another has been the introduction of ‘divide and rule’ tactics. Using this method the Commonwealth, as soon as a sufficient number of Marxists had been installed as ‘Prime Ministers,’ was effectively brought to an end by Edward Heath at the 1971 Commonwealth Conference. He arranged for the previous concept of mutual help to be replaced by that of mutual hate, with the white members of the Commonwealth to be regarded as second-class citizens (following the United Nations racial line), and the Communist anti-apartheid policy to be the future cohesive force of the new sham Commonwealth. To ensure that the previous honourable co-operation between Commonwealth countries did not return, a strictly Marxist Commonwealth Secretariat was set up. When the indigenous races were not of British ancestry the concept of race hate could be exploited. It had the advantage, from the One World point of view of being an explicitly anti-Christian concept. When they are of British ancestry things have to be arranged differently.

Among the reasons for the Soviet and One World forces taking over Southern Africa have been the facts that there are many essential minerals in that region, while the Cape route is necessary for free world trade. On the other side of the Atlantic are the Falkland Islands and their Dependencies. These are a potential base covering the Cape route, that will be of increased importance if the Communists take over and close the Panama Canal. The Dependencies are also rich in minerals. Hence the fact that representatives of the bankers and the United Nations encouraged the Argentine to invade those territories. The excuse would seem to have been that when the Federal Europe and other Federal Regions are fully established the Falklands would be in the South American region, For nearly twenty years Foreign Office officials have been slowly taking steps to make the Islands more dependent upon the Argentine. As a further step towards the destruction of the Commonwealth and an enforced dependence upon the planned Federal Europe, the Treaty on Merchant Navigation signed by Goronwy Roberts and J.P. W. Mallalieu in 1968 has had the effect of severely depleting our ships and shipping lines, these being replaced by units of the Soviet Merchant Navy – some of the ships being handed over from British owners.


The Marxist One World strategy is that in the first place the world is to be divided into regions, with individual nations abolished. Afterwards these regions are to be merged into a One World state. A propaganda campaign, lasting for over a century, has attempted to condition people to accept and approve the idea of this impossible anti-Christian Utopia a variation of the temptation in the wilderness that Christ so finally rejected.

Having disposed, for all practical purposes, of the Commonwealth, the way was open to take us into the Common Market, as a first step towards the Federal Europe whose formation is implicit in the Treaty of Rome. John Davies and Goronwy Roberts have both said that an integrated Federal Europe was the intention, and two Departments have been created in the Foreign Office to work out the mechanics of that integration. As a part of the process of integration it is planned that the monarchy will be abolished. An overt act in that direction has been taken by William Whitelaw and Timothy Raison, who in introducing the British Nationality Act, so worded as to remove from people of British ancestry the privilege of being British subjects, that is subjects of the Queen. The only people she is to be allowed to have as subjects in her realm are Irish citizens of dual nationality.

Goronwy Roberts said that the intention is to have an enlarged Federal Europe stretching from the Urals to the Atlantic, The EEC Science and Technology Resolution of January 1974 is so worded as to include Eastern European countries, and the transfer of technical information to those countries while the first enlarged Federal Europe Agreement was in fact signed in 1977. This Agreement (Cmnd 6993) provided for a Federal European road network, including main traffic arteries from Shannon, through Dublin, Liverpool, Hull, Esjborg and on to Leningrad, and from Cork, through Bristol, London, Felixstow and the Hook of Holland to Moscow, Wilson had said that if Labour were not in power at the critical time, steps would be taken to split the Conservative and Labour Parties, so that his followers in each could join together to form a Centre Party. We now see the SDP/Liberal Alliance filling that role, The Labour Party is virtually split already, Anthony Wedgwood Benn having played a prominent part in that exercise, In the I960’s according to Richard Grossman, Wedgwood Benn and Peter Shore were both in Wilson’s ‘kitchen cabinet.’ Strenuous efforts are now being made to split the Conservative Party. Prominent in this are Edward Heath, James Prior and other dedicated Federalists, and members of the Tory Reform Group, (This is a group that has its headquarters in a pressure group stronghold, where several terrorist groups with Foreign Office connections also have offices. David Steel personally, and Roy Jenkins, David Owen, William Rogers and Shirley Williams on behalf of the SDP have all committed themselves to working for changes in the government of this country from national to regional, as components of a totally integrated Federal Europe. Edward Heath and Peter Walker had previously altered the structure of the counties and local government as a first step towards regions as sub-units in the Federal Europe. They were unsuccessful in another preliminary step – devolution. But they and their friends have been successful in keeping the man responsible for their defeat out of the Cabinet.


The establishment of a Federal Europe is intended to be a step in the direction of a One World dictatorship. One hundred and ten Parliamentarians are said to have committed themselves to this objective (in contravention of their Parliamentary Oath). The Speaker of the House of Commons, George Thomas, is President, and John Silkin is a member of the Executive Committee of the pressure group ‘Parliamentarians for World Order,’ that has the establishment of the Marxist One World dictatorship as its final objective.


An essential component of any adequate defence force must be an adequate strategic industry and so steps have been taken to destroy our industry. One of the methods used to attain this objective has been to scramble many of our industries with those of the Eastern Bloc. There are very few items of any consequence, including military hardware, where some essential component does not have to come from behind the Iron Curtain. This was provided for in many of the Agreements with the USSR, and particularly those already quoted. Their implementation seems to have been mainly in the hands of the Foreign Office and the Confederation of British Industries.

Similarly, a major EEC objective is to turn the United Kingdom into a post-industrial society. John Davies said that Edward Heath had agreed this, in return for the City of London becoming the financial centre of Europe. It was soon after this that the French Rothschilds transferred some of their key undertakings to London. Many EEC directives and decisions are formulated with the intention of destroying British industry. Changes in the steel industry, for example, have resulted in the cessation of manufacture of the grades of steel needed for the rebuilding of our navy, and for efficient nuclear reactors. They have also had the effect of all but destroying our nuclear industry. This goes hand in hand with the implementation of harmful addendums to the Agreements with the USSR. Goronwy Roberts, for example, has boasted of taking a Soviet delegation around Chemical factories, in order to receive instructions as to which chemicals they wished us to cease producing.

Many EEC directives and decisions are aimed at a further industrial scrambling as an intermediate stage in the destruction of British Industry, with British know-how transferred, particularly to Franco, which has a military agreement with the USSR, as well as, having withdrawn from NATO. The practice of having aircraft, helicopters and other military equipment shared between three or more countries means that, in the event of hostilities, we will be denied further supplies. All this is an addition to the better known methods of industrial sabotage practiced by Len Murray and other Trade Union leaders.

Under the auspices of the United Nations Disarmament Group, headed by a Soviet officer, and apparently authorised by the two 1946 Acts, the Statutory Instruments Act and. the United Nations Act, the Defence and Disarmament Departments of the Foreign Office, ably abetted by a series of ministers dedicated to the One World concept – men such as Harold Wilson, Denis Healey, James Callaghan and Lord Carrington, have sought to bring about our total disarmament. Complete conventional disarmament has been the objective so that ultimately there shall be no forces, national or otherwise, except for the ‘International police force’ under the control of a Soviet officer.

Nuclear weapons have a different purpose, which was well expressed in the 1947 document ‘Design for Europe,’ that specified the alleged need to break up the Commonwealth and Empire. Materials, equipment and technical knowledge; have been given to the USSR by enemy agents in the United States and the United Kingdom. Prominent among these mere Harry Hopkins and James Connant. Without these the USSR would not have been able to build up their nuclear arsenal. In the case of one key component for multinuclear warheads the proportion from one factory in the United States has been reported to be two-thirds to the USSR and one third to the USA. Many key decisions have been made by Henry Kissinger, one of the most senior of the enemy agents in the West, who has Alexander Haig, Edward Heath and Lord Carrington as his close associates.

The theory is that since the atomic bomb is so horrible anything is better than a nuclear war; and since the Soviets will not live alongside tree and independent nations, therefore all nations must give up their sovereignty and merge first into regional conglomerates such as the planned Federal Europe and Federal North America, (Trudeau’s French policies and Soviet-type constitution are designed to break up Canada as a preliminary), and then into the Marxist One World dictatorship. To help spread fear the UN Convention on the subject of radiation in 1955, the Medical Research Council and similar organizations in other countries, have sought to prevent all work on the mechanism and treatment of radiation injuries, while at the same time propagating grossly exaggerated accounts of their possible effects. This, despite the fact that ample evidence on the real effects existed at the time the false theories were launched.

The attack also has an economic component. To ensure that individual nations do not rebel, food, fuel and mineral supplies, as well as the major industries, are being placed in the hands of multi-national corporations run by One World agents and outside the control of any individual nation.


The Marxists have steadily progressed towards their final goal using ‘divide and rule’ tactics. The genuinely British people, those of British ancestry, would never willingly agree to the destruction of their nation and alien dictatorial control, so steps were taken to cause a breakdown of civil order. A combination of the Statutory Instruments Act (1946), the United Nations Act (1946) and the European Communities Act (1972) has allowed a great many alien rulings to be implemented that would never have been accepted in the normal course of events.

One series of treasonable actions has been the implementation of the United Nations decision that predominantly white countries should accept transplants of large alien populations, preferably from genetically incompatible races, and that in all countries the white inhabitants should be treated as second class citizens, and be actively discriminated against. The Governments and Ministers who have implemented or acquiesced in this have given their allegiance to the alien One World Marxist controllers and away from their Queen and country.

As the numbers of indigenous British people have diminished, because of the introduction of contraception, sterilization and abortion, members of alien races and nations have been persuaded or bribed to come here, so that there are now several million people in the country who owe little or no loyalty to our Queen or country, The Home Office has, as a matter of ‘policy,’ taken steps to conceal the numbers of these alien peoples who are here, realising that if the ordinary British people knew the extent of their treachery there would be trouble. The presence of these aliens is being used as a lever to break down law and order in the country. Riots and other manifestations of civil disobedience are being organized and controlled by members of Israeli Intelligence. Zionists are now careful to describe themselves as members of an ‘ethnic minority,’ because in many respects members of ethnic minorities are treated as if they are outside the law. The Home Office has been careful to treat as ‘Official Secrets’ the instructions they have given to police and courts. Lord Scarman has sought to worsen the situation.

The presence of these members of ethnic minorities, by no means all from the Commonwealth, and with little or nothing in common with the rightful inhabitants of these islands, has also been used as a means of contributing to the irreversible destruction of the British people and nation. In defiance of the laws of genetics, ancestry is no longer to be regarded as a qualification for being labelled British, but only the accident of birth or the whims of Home Office officials, particularly those who are themselves members of ethnic minorities. The intention is that miscegenation should be encouraged, by such means as the promotion of fornication; mixed schooling; racial segregation in housing, clubs, churches, schools, institutions and other meeting places being forbidden to the rightful inhabitants of the land, and allowed only to members of alien ethnic minorities. A further intention is that genetic engineering methods shall be used to promote the breeding of the products of the union of genetically incompatible races. Those who acquiesce have been described as: ‘…the quite large number of people who profess sham ideals as a form of premium for other-life insurance, and are content to lay up slavery and destruction for their descendants so long as they are enabled to produce personal copybooks of elevated views at the gate of heaven.’

Those primarily responsible for the evil Nationality Act, and the lies told to Parliament when it was introduced, are William Whitelaw, Timothy Raison and Roy Hatlersley. The Act has been planned as the penultimate stage before the total dismemberment of the nation. Dovetailed with it has been the EEC Resolution concerning passports, authorising uniform passports as a preliminary to full passport union. Although Article 191 of the Treaty of Rome requires Resolutions to be printed, Lord Carrington asked that the paragraphs referring to Passport Union should not be printed – because he knew that the British people would object.

All too many of the people who are working for the establishment of the One World dictatorship are Privy Councillors. They are adding to their other sins by breaking their solemn oath:

‘I do swear by Almighty God to be a true and faithful servant unto the Queen’s Majesty, as one of Her Majesty’s Privy Council. 1 will do my uttermost to bear Faith and Allegiance unto the Queen’s Majesty; and will assist and defend all Jurisdictions, Pre-eminences, and Authorities, granted to Her Majesty, and annexed to the Crown by Acts of Parliament, or otherwise, against all Foreign Princes, Persons, Prelates, States or Potentates