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It is suggested that you take a look at the two sets allegations to familiarise yourself with their content before committing to sending this down-loadable letter, Please feel free to edit the letter to suit yourself.

The Treaty of Maastricht

John Major. Douglas Hurd & Francis Maude.
This treaty transferred sovereignty to a foreign power and the allegation is that it constitutes high treason. 

David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

This attempted to subvert the makeup of Parliament and the allegation is that it constitutes the major crime of sedition, which at this level, is high treason. 


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Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police

New Scotland Yard



Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe,

As a result of reading a privately placed public notice advertisement in a local newspaper I am surprised that you seemed fit to ignore two sets of properly constructed treason allegations against past and present Governments. I am also surprised that you have dismissed these allegations even though fifteen Chief Constables disagree with you. These allegations clearly show that some of the highest laws of the land have been violated by our own leaders and that they must be investigated immediately.

You swore an oath to uphold the law without fear or favour therefore I call upon you to honour that oath, uphold the law and carry out a proper investigation. If you believe that there is no substance in the allegations then an explanation from you will be required.



Your name



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