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Shoe-horned into the EU

A wealth of archival material from the period 1970-72, showing deception and questionable practices used by the Heath Government  in the early 1970s to force Britain into the, then, Common Market.

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ECG Flyers


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Surely Blair took the crime of treason off the statute books?

Dave British
Dave British

I am very concerned for my country, I believe we will fall into civil war because of Muslim immigration,

they now have a Muslin as mayor of London, I fear this is the beginning of the end.

The Muslim theology is to conquer an make an Islamic state they state this wherever they are living, and our Government says come on take Britain for your own.

Our Governments have betrayed us all, they are all guilty of treason and should pay the penalty.

But I fear we will have a war in this country and the Government will be responsible for it, and they will not be tried for treason.


this is great info all in same place thank you


great info all in one place , thankyou x